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  • Anila Angjeli, AIA, LEED AP

A Year in Rearview Mirror

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, the road ahead looks brighter and presents new pathways. We are grateful for our clients and supporters and thankful for the opportunity to reach out and help others.

Many of our restaurant clients, dental offices, and hair salons were hit hard by the pandemic, which as a result, our design work associated with these industries was put on hold or slowed down in response. We helped our clients to gracefully phase their projects or help with an extra effort to take them to the finish line. In looking back in 2020, we are proud to have accomplished a mix of remarkable projects and good deeds.

Despite the unprecedented challenges, we were glad to assist our clients with two new hair salons, Aesthetics Salon, located in Arlington, VA, and Kindred Color Studio, located in Prince Williams County, VA. We stayed steady at work as a flurry of new projects emerged, including residential additions, new construction, commercial gym-like spaces for soccer training, historic renovation in Capitol Hill, small restaurant design, and several technical labs, in the North Bethesda area.

Following are a few selected projects completed or designed during 2020:

DC Poultry - Under Construction

Capstone Soccer - Under Construction

Hank's Pasta Bar - Partially Open

Dominion Surveyors Office - Under Construction

We were also busy creating unique community projects such as the Social Butterfly Collection I for Mother’s Day at Milway Meadows, Butterfly Collection II at Villamay, Big Fish Exhibit for Father’s day at Milway Meadows, Kaleidoscope Project, and the Thankful Tree for Thanksgiving. It is very uplifting to bring people together through community art projects. Visit our Social page for these projects and more.

The year concluded with the new design work and tenant build-out construction drawings for KW Metro Center Realty offices in Arlington, VA. Having completed another space for KW Metro Center earlier this year, we were delighted and grateful for working on this high-end design project.

We look forward to new projects in 2021.

Happy Holidays and a Healthy 2021!

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