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Social Butterfly Collection - Villamay Exhibit

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Modeled after the first Social Butterfly Collection of Milway Meadows, Villamay represents approximately twice the size of Milway Meadows neighborhood. There are about 100 butterflies taking part in this amazing and enchanting display (Exhibit May 30 - June 6).

ALine Architecture assisted Villamay with the concept, and the fabrication of over 220 white butterfly plates and about 110 butterfly stands. Hard work went into this massive fabrication as everything was done by hand, from cutting, sanding, and painting. The entire process is an amazing experience, and every aspect of it is worth capturing, such as this celebration of Blank Canvases.

Meaningful and timely, the essence of the message that went out to the community:

"The Villamay community has long been known for its strong sense of togetherness, and in these difficult times, we would like to come together again and create our own Butterfly Project. This project is intended to inspire each of us and to pay tribute to heroes on the front lines and to those we have lost. We aim to express a spirit of hope and unity and to celebrate our 2020 graduates who are taking the flight to new endeavors. Our exhibit will express the transformation and resiliency that we have as human beings just like butterflies. We hope your spirit soars while you enjoy it."

I hope you get to see this original exhibit in person (May 30 - June 6). Enjoy this gallery below and be inspired in your giving work ahead!

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