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Social Butterfly Collection - Milway Meadows

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

What a delightful event in our neighborhood, a rich colorful and unique butterfly collection display for the Mother's Day weekend!

Milway Meadows neighborhood in Hybla Valley, Alexandria has joined to show the Togetherness this Mother’s Day weekend through a unique creative pop-up art exhibit of butterfly paintings and wing collages made by the residents of the community. Over 100 wood plates were distributed to the participating families to create over 100 wings (50+butterflies). The participants are of different ages and genders. The idea was born naturally from the need of Togetherness, offering whatever talent and creativity our community has to give. From the minimal instructions given, the most important was that “any Wing flies”. This exhibit will be lining up the sidewalks of Lisbon Lane, Alexandria 22306.  Butterflies will be placed on a wood bracket spaced at 6 feet apart for social distancing. This energizing effort counteracts the challenging times we’ve been going through due to COVID 19. The positive energy, the process that took place in producing this unique art and the anticipation in putting the collection together is an uplifting story which reinforces that humans, despite isolation and distancing, have a very special social bond, that spans through different mediums, in different ways.

While the colorful display is the culmination of the work, the process led to sensible and caring interactions, neighbors introducing and learning more about each other, young helping seniors, scientific and environmental butterfly information exchange, and much more. The exhibit also includes some additional feature installations such as kinetic wire butterfly garden or white butterfly garlands that flutter in the wind as well as a large pair of painted cloth butterfly wings decorating garage doors that happen to be strategically located at the center end of Lisbon Lane. Weather dependent the Social Butterfly exhibit is going to be up for viewing  from May 9 through May 12. Enjoy this digital exhibit that follows.

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