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KW Metro Center - Offices

North Arlington, VA

144 Church St., Vienna, VA


New tenant build-out for KW Metro Center Offices in several locations, Arlington and Vienna VA.

North Arlington office encompasses 10,000 SF of new office build-out, including an open concept lounge area with a coffee bar lounge, island red counters with smart device charging stations, a conference/training center, and a resource area.  Daylighting and 360 views are the main design player employing large frameless glass surfaces, modern LED lighting, and elegant wood trellises that combine the garden feel with aerial city views experienced from this (10th floor) tower.


Vienna Offices: Located in the heart of the Town of Vienna, this delightful space encompasses about 2,500 SF of bold design, branded with elegant details, orchestrated to play the textural and colorful display of materials and fixtures, light, and shadows. The 3D tactile walls are executed to precision by Caliber Construction Inc. The color palette designed with careful subtleties and strong red statements, speaks volumes when it comes to representing the largest real estate company in the United States. 

Keller Williams Metro Center is one of Northern Virginia’s leading residential brokerages. This space's mission is to support the highest level of service to their clients. ALine Architecture worked with the client to design and prepare the permit plans, permit facilitation, and construction administration.


Area (Vienna): 2,500 SF

Area (Arlington North): 10,000 SF

Area (Arlington South): 9,000 SF (On-the-Board)

Type: Commercial Interiors

Completed: 2021 and 2020

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