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Nature's Squares

Updated: Sep 21, 2021


Art Exhibit - ALine Architecture

Nature’s Squares - an assembly of small cheerful moments captured through an expressive architectural and artistic style.

The presentation consists of 8”x8” painted wood squares, mounted on a white solid wood frame. Projecting character, texture, and vibrant colors, Nature’s Squares are best assembled on a large grid, that creates a streamlined modern installation promoting nature’s unique beauty and preciousness. Each title captures the essence of the piece and takes the observer on a poetic nature’s journey.

This exhibit has been dedicated to our Community Pool / HMSTC project fundraising. 50% of the proceeds will go toward the construction of the new pool in 2022. The other 50% goes to future community art projects. 32 original pieces were featured at the 1st Gala at HMSTC on September 18, 2021. Support our project, purchase one or more of these original pieces, price $150. Framed, ready to hang, local delivery is free.

Payment via Venmo @Anila-Angjeli

For more information Email To view the entire collection visit gallery page Nature's Collections

About the Artist

Anila Angjeli, AIA, LEED AP, Architect and Artist, Founder of ALine Architecture, has been an active member of our community since 2002. She lives in Millway Meadows and has been an HMSTC member for almost 20 years. ALine Architecture has contributed and created many community art events over the years, especially during the Covid lockdown. Promoting art, creativity, and togetherness through outdoor community art displays has brought to life the Butterfly Collections of Milway Meadows and Villamay, the Big Fish, Kaleidoscope project, Love Letter, Blossoms of Diversity, just to name a few.

To view the entire collection visit gallery page Nature's Collections

For more information on ALine’s community art projects, visit ALine's Social Page.


Payment via Venmo @Anila-Angjeli

For more information Email

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