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Staples Condominium
NE Washington, DC


The Staples Condominium project is a great demonstration of how ALine Architecture designed “outside the box” to comply with city zoning, meet historic preservation requirements, and deliver to the owner’s original vision. To satisfy all invested parties while still exceeding market expectations and DC housing trends, ALine Architecture made a creative and bold design decision building up the 3rd-floor addition to an existing 2-story apartment building.


In order to overcome the challenges posed by city ordinances and overcome existing structural issues in the 2-story building, ALine utilized 3D Modeling programs as a way to visualize new design opportunities and provide solutions to architectural problems. On the exterior, the smooth panel Hardie siding system combined with modern elements reinstates and elevates the existing brick using contrasting paint colors. Through bold and elegant design decisions as well as maximizing the envelope, the Staples Condominium is a one-of-a-kind project that is difficult for anyone to miss.


Area: 4,880 SF
Type: Multifamily, Residential

Completed: 2018

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