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  • Isabel Parkins

Why Art?

Art is everywhere around us, from the water bottles on our desks to the flowers growing in our gardens. It is hard to define art in more than general terms because of its versatility in production and consumption. On one level, art displays the artist's uniqueness, and on another, it reflects the individuality of every person who experiences it. It becomes something personal and takes on a multitude of meanings. Art inspires and elevates.

Art evolves along with us. As our societal values and interests change, we see shifts in artistic movements. Art is threaded deeply in society. Even as the subject or style changes, the opportunity for artistic expression remains. This is important for people who are constantly looking for ways to be seen and heard. Art sparks conversation. It highlights the various interpretations of the world around us, the emotions we feel, and the relationships we form.

Sometimes the loudest conversations are never spoken: a silent, collective understanding of some message shared through art. Verbal communication is not always necessary, as said by American artist Edward Hopper: “if I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

Art takes on the form of whatever we need it to be. It provides us with ways to inspire and share with others. Whether it is a way to make a living, provide health therapy, or simply a hobby - art has a place in the lives of every person. People often take art for granted, but the truth is that you can never really be without it. Chosen consciously or not, we engage with art daily, and it engages with us.

We should recognize the little masterpieces around us simply because it makes things better. Or maybe because it does not! Maybe it brings out the uncomfortable truth which drives the changes for the better version of us. That is the beauty of art: It is the chameleon of creative expression and the most present tool that determines the level of society. What are your thoughts, why art? ... The answer simply... "Why not" :)

Photo collage captures the following:

  1. Ver Heroicus Sublimis (Barnett Newman, top left corner)

  2. The Lake (Georgia O’Keeffe, biggest image)

  3. A water color image done by Lauretta Vinciarelli (top right)

  4. Dali Atomicus (Philippe Halsman, black and white photograph)

  5. Statue of San Bartolomeo (Marco d’Agrate, next to Dali)

  6. Barcelona chair (Mies Van der Rohe, under Dali)

  7. El Guernica (Pablo Picasso, bottom right corner)

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