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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

You may have heard the phrase by Aristotle, "the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts." While this phrase is philosophical, its application and materiality are not difficult to prove. For example, a pile of lumber, gravel, nuts, and bolts does not constitute a house. Without successful planning and execution via elbow grease, the materials remain just that; materials halted on the journey of becoming a home. This journey requires the Owner, Architect, and Contractor's knowledge, creativity, and hard work. Successful planning, design, materials, and execution create the WHOLE.

WHOLE means containing all its parts, nothing more, nothing less. However, its parts should fit in the correct order. For objects such as a pizza or a car, we know what their parts are and we recognize when the pizza is missing a slice, or the car is missing a wheel. A pile of materials without the chef's cooking talent and the mechanic's building skills does not make a pizza or a car. Now, add to the mix the different ingredients that you find in a pizza, the flavors and the size, and the different performance features of the cars. There are so many options to choose from. This presents dimensions of the holistic process, relativity, and subjectivity. One size does not fit all, but what is optimal for you?

Digital AI Art @la__practica on Instagram
Synergy - AI generative art by La Práctica @la__practica on Instagram

When you face complicated projects, creating your WHOLE, will require the team of professionals (Architects, Engineers) to ensure that systems are code complaint, function properly, and fit well aesthetically. From a single room layout to an entire building design, we closely observe the individual parts and how they interact to meet the program, create a harmonious ensemble, a pleasing and functional project that works as a WHOLE. The essence of the part's relationships within the WHOLE gives it the value and quality to stand above the sum of its parts.

Approaching the design with these principles can produce powerful results: system, synergy, playfulness, teamwork, harmony, union, alliance, symbiosis, and sustainability. Keep in mind all these keywords in your next project.



Our centerpiece today is the Tulipop, an AI-generated digital art piece, brought to us by La Práctica. (@la__practica on Instagram) We love the unique composition, brightness, colors, balance and inspiration this piece brings. Stay tuned for some functional art pieces, inspired by Tulipop.

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