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  • Anila Angjeli, AIA, LEED AP

Public Art & Richmond Artway

Public art is a form of artistic expression through the art of different media, placed in public space, accessible to all, and developed through public processes. Public art embodies universal concepts, form, function, and meaning to serve the general public and enrich public spaces, history, and culture. Public art installations are indoors and outdoors.

Public art of different genres brings art closer to everyday life. This art can be visually and physically installed and experienced in public spaces or publicly visible privately-owned properties, such as murals and garden sculptures.

The public art process is characterized by community involvement, collaboration, public funding, educational goals, and urban development. Depending on the purpose, public art can be permanent or temporary. Public art can be of different forms and styles, such as visual graphics and colors, 3-dimensional sculptures and structures, gardens, promoting sustainability and environment, lighting shows and new technology art, public interactive, memorial public art, and curated.


Richmond Highway corridor presents many opportunities for public art. Multi-family and mixed-use developments bring higher density, diversity, and renewed opportunities for public art installations. The well-received recent large murals are designed to highlight our history and promote the safety and well-being of our community. They can be viewed and experienced by the public on foot and as we travel by car or bus along the corridor.

It is only logical to expand and complement our art-infused geographic area. Being the ground of the United States' most historically rich area, with Alexandria and Mount Vernon, river views, natural resources, four-season sunset-promising skylines, and other attractions, Alexandria-Fairfax County is the best artistic canvas that can cohesively paint the unique stories that make up the fabric of our community and our nation as a whole. Who wouldn’t love to see the Richmond Highway transformed into the Richmond Artway!

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