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Love Letter ♥️ - Project

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming to remind us once again how much Love we have for one another, that we have not expressed yet, that we must write and demonstrate as we realize how precious and short life is, and life without Love is not a thing:)

The Love Letter project is simple. This entire week leading up to February 14th, write a short Love note, a poem or excerpt that you like to share, and send to your neighbor or friend to the left and right, front and back, and make sure to suspend some Love in the air, on your favorite tree in front of your house, window or front door.

The idea is for the neighborhood to be flooded with love messages, notes, and artwork that can be seen from the street. As neighbors walk or jog by, we can see these expressions and return the Love by perhaps including appreciation notes and symbolic items on each other’s front door. Be creative, as Love is. Imagine our courts filled with Valentine's flowers and "Love Letters". Have fun!

We're in the process of making hundreds of red flowers for our Valentine's Day “Love Letter” project. These are going to bloom a tree ahead of its real time. The Love Letter Tree.

Are you blooming your trees this Valentine's ♥️ ? Will this weather the storm? Yes, the symbol will.

Share this idea on social media, tag us and send us pictures of how you celebrated in your neighborhood. Feel free to drop us a note at

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