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  • Isabel Parkins

Home is Out - Work is In

As humans, we tend to organize things. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from putting everything in its rightful place. We arrange our clothes, dishes, tools, and maybe most importantly: we organize our space. Every room in our home has a function. Defining these spaces not only gives them purpose but it provides a structure to our patterns and routines.

How we understand and organize our space, has changed a lot in the past year due to the pandemic. Working from home shifted the regular duties of our kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, and much more. For some, multitasking their dining tables and bedrooms as desks and conference rooms worked out well. For others, it highlighted the need for an established dedicated space for work. Some are loud at work and need their private space others are quiet on research, all cloud computing.

There has been a rise in home office renovations and additions, as well as a rise in demand for office furniture, over the past year and a half. This reflects the growing need to revolve one’s entire life around their home. People are reestablishing the capabilities of their homes, and on another level reestablishing the meaning of home altogether. Nowadays, the home could be anywhere. The ability to work remotely has made renting a vacation home long-term (or even own one!) a more practical idea than ever before. Coupled with the low-interest mortgage rates, vacation homes are another space that is being redefined by the pandemic, which in turn is changing the way we experience vacations.

Instead of a fleeting experience, there is more opportunity for an extended stay. Like the increased interest in home office additions, there has been a boom in the vacation home market. People are looking for new spaces that can accommodate their newly established lifestyles. Not only is it important to have all the proper, defined spaces, but it is necessary to feel comfortable in them, too.

Whether you are looking to grow your home or spend some time in a new one, you are molding and manipulating the space around you to better suit your needs. Think about that the next time you walk through your house. What works? What does not work? Let us know your thoughts on homes, vacations, or otherwise, and the changes we can make to them!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more contemplations:)

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