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Hollin Meadows Swim & Tennis Club

Hollin Meadows Swim & Tennis Club (HMSTC) is a thriving part of our community, bringing families and friends together to make memories and celebrate summer for generations. HMSTC is located on five-and-a-half acres of secluded, wooded property just minutes from Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon.

Built 60+ years ago, the club needed much repair and reconstruction to continue serving the community. Three years ago, having been a club member for over 20 years, I joined the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and took on the Owner's representative role coordinating with the pool contractor NVBlu. The new Pool Construction took place in the off-season of 2022 and was completed on time, much anticipated for the opening of the 2023 season last Memorial Weekend.

What a delightful bright day! Starting with the ribbon cutting, and the first "polar plunge", the blue waters were moved to produce waves and splashes of joy for the first time on this brand-new pool after 60 years! The project was a long process in the making.

The old front entrance got a new face, with the "Floral Splash" Mural, by ALine Architecture in collaboration with La__Practica, Stress-Free Paint & Remodel, Sherwin Williams Paint Store in Mount Vernon Plaza, and other volunteers who landed a hand in painting the colorful Mural.

Congratulations to the HMSTC community and all the volunteers that made this happen! Enjoy some pictures of the new pool, ribbon cutting, and the colorful entrance mural.

Let us know if you have an architectural or art project that needs a creative spark:) Thank you for visiting.

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