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Earth Day is approaching - April 22. The first Earth Day mobilized 20 million Americas to call for increased protection for our planet. It took 20 years for this call to go global. Ever since, while the Earth temperatures and sea levels have risen, people's awareness has increased, and new sustainability technologies have been implemented however new measures, behavior adjustment, and resilience-building mindset are necessary.

Learning from succulents, these flashy, juicy drought-resistant, beautiful plants. They retain water for a not-so-rainy day. Succulents are so varied in different shapes and colors. They are resilient, can regenerate, heal or simply just survive. Succulents improve air quality, remove toxins and release moisture into the air. Succulents help with focus and concentration.

Reminding ourselves for Earth Day's celebration of the effort and hard work throughout the entire year.

Reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Walk every day, use the bicycle, plant trees & flower beds, create bio-retention rain gardens or add beauty and resilience with a succulent garden this spring.

Every day is Earth Day!

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