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Blossoms of Diversity - Milway Meadows

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The National Cherry Blossom Festival has always been the nation’s greatest springtime celebration! Since we cannot gather together this year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is inviting residents of the DMV region to unleash their creativity and celebrate their cherry blossom spirit by decorating their porches, yards, or windows. Help spread joy to your neighbors and connect communities across the region! For more information read from the link below. Please register by today, March 15, 2021.

At Milway Meadows we are excited to participate in this celebration. Multiple addresses in our community have registered and we are preparing the crafts and decorations that will be part of the festival available for viewing from March 20 - April 11. For anyone interested within our Milway Meadows community and elsewhere, we welcome participation as part of the effort to showcase "Blossoms of Diversity: Milway Meadows" for the National Cherry Blossom Festival's "Petal Porch Parade". We envision different colored blossoms within and around the neighborhood. Use recycled material, paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, used bags, bamboo branches...Be creative!

There are different ways to get involved! You can do any one or more of the following, if interested, with deadlines as noted:

1) Formally register to be a part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival's "Petal Porch Parade" by March 15:

Notes: Decorations/displays must be up from March 20 - April 11th, 2021. From the website:

  • The more registered porches in your neighborhood, the more likely the Petal Procession will cruise by your home. So get your neighbors involved, and make sure everyone’s registered!

  • Any displays on the selected routes will be informed by Wednesday, April 7.

2) Informally participate as a member of the neighborhood without registering - you can still decorate to brighten up your yard, porch, front door, etc! Displays should be up by March 20th.

3) Help with the preparation of blossoms/displays for use by others but not have a display of your own. You can create at your own pace for one of our other displays. Your help will be needed this week and until late next week so that displays can be up by March 20th.

Enjoy the hand-made and natural displays that are about to peak soon! Please share these ideas, thank you for your support!

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