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Big Fish - Art Exhibit for Father's Day at Milway Meadows

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Milway Meadows neighborhood comes together again celebrating Father's Day with the unique art exhibit, BIG FISH! This pop-up art exhibit contained 3-D art, made of mixed media, recycled objects, collage, and Paper Mache. Created especially for this celebration, each artist shared their father’s stories, displayed talent, creativity, and once again, we all expressed our social bond (while social distancing).

The invitation to the BIG FISH project was sent to everyone in the neighborhood, regardless of age and gender, encouraging the "bio-diversity" of species and colors as the key to the success of our “aquatic” exhibit. This exhibit showcased Happy Jelly Fish, Coy Fish, Killer Whale, Fishing with Uncle Bill, Home Delivery Fish, Just keep Swimming, School of Fish, King Fish Koran, Sea Bass... just to name a few.

We wanted to bring out the positive energies, celebrating our fathers’ memories. Regardless of size, what makes it big is PARTICIPATION. We encourage collaboration and a sense of place and wellbeing in the community. Big Thank You to all the participants who took the time to create art for everyone to enjoy and thank you, everyone, for your support and appreciation. Special Thanks to the Woodlawn Trail families that hosted or offered to host our exhibit. Big Fish was a lot of fun!

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