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Art Block - Hibiscuses

Last Sunday, August 27, was the 2nd Annual Art Block event at 800 block of N Royal St. in Old Town, Alexandria. The street was closed to vehicle traffic, and hundreds of people joined the festivities. The event unfolded on a perfect sunny day with music, a farmer's market nearby, food, and arts and crafts.

I was excited about the prospect of another oversized ground painting, that came to life under the perfect sunlight: "The Flattering Hibiscuses" 12'x20'. The labor-intensive and physical drawings took about 3 hours, three pairs of gloves, and five boxes of jumbo chalk. I often compare it with yoga for stretching and spirit, a great workout that breaks the sweat.

I love drawing colorfully bright floral and natural organic forms with 3-dimensional depths. It's very satisfying to grow this kind of garden. It is such a short-lived art form, and I'm thrilled to have an audience while it lasts.

Enjoy the Hibiscus gallery - Thank you for visiting!

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