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Hank & Mitzi's

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Hank’s Oyster Bar owner Jamie Leeds is ready to introduce a new concept to her otherwise seafood-focused restaurant group: Hank & Mitzi’s Italian Kitchen. The revamped Italian restaurant replaces Hank’s Pasta Bar in Old Town Alexandria, which closed last month to add a second-story event space and rooftop bar. Chef-about-town Will Artley, whose résumé includes Evening Star Cafe, BLT Steak, and over two years at Pizzeria Orso, will lead the kitchen. Read more...

We're excited to be part of the team for the design and construction of the Hank's Pasta Bar, renovation and rooftop bar addition, in Old Town Alexandria. The project includes a new commercial kitchen on the second floor along with two new event spaces and a rooftop bar. First floor level will also undergo major improvements, structural scope of work for the new rooftop foundations and addition of the elevator that will serve all levels.

The second floor event spaces will accommodate approximately 100 people when the event rooms are combined via an openable modern fold partition, or two simultaneous smaller events. The rooftop will house 80 new seats, under a metal pergola, surrounded by accent lighting, glass railing and rustic wood screens.

We look forward to the successful reopening of the restaurant. These below are renderings of the visions for the new spaces offered by this venue. Stay tuned for more pictures and news about our project.

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