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Architects & Realtors

The relationship between the Architect and the Realtor is sometimes overlooked. For starters, they both work closely with real property. Like how an artist uses the canvas, real property is their medium. There are many benefits and solutions offered to the clients when this duo is in place.

Architects can advise on building or zoning codes and articulate the possibilities on an existing lot. The right location for the client does not always have the right amount of space for them. Buying an older home and adding to it to suit the homeowner needs is a good way of staying in the right geographic area that is close to work, friends and family, in the city or just in the right proximity to the major thoroughfares.

Architects understand the structural issues. If the problem needs to be solved by the structural engineer, the Architect will facilitate this solution by bringing in the Structural engineer and coordinating these tasks within the rest of the design program accounting for aesthetics and functionality. Having the holistic understanding of the involved scope of work allows the homeowners to better assess the construction cost and the time frame involved. With this information, the Realtor’s insight related to the market value and comparable properties will aim to validate the feasibility and this process often proves that these services are instrumental to the successful project.

Architects will provide creative designs, energy efficient solutions, thought-out details, sections, and three-dimensional illustrations such as colored renderings and perspectives. These help the client visualize what the addition, the front porch or a second floor would look like. Furthermore, these visuals can be used to convey the ideas to a number of people and professionals, such as Realtors, Bankers, Builders, Plans Reviewers, Landlords and Homeowner’s Associations.

In the case of this duo, Architect Anila Angjeli from ALine Architecture collaborated with Realtor / Broker Wendy Levenson Dean Esq. of Keller Williams Metro Center to provide professional services for the design and permit drawings of an addition to an existing house near a Metro station. This addition increased the house square footage and allowed for the 3rd bedroom and an additional bathroom, which are popular in the housing rental market. The homeowner’s vision was to use this property as an investment and provide the necessary functional and aesthetic upgrades not only as demanded by the rental market but also for the resale value of the house.

The collaboration between the Architect and the Realtor allowed the development of a successful project that looks beautiful and is not over-invested to exceed to value of similar properties in that same neighborhood. The Realtor listed the property for rent, which was then quickly rented out for the desired lease terms as planned. Same goes with resale. Improved and code compliant upgrades and additions will often go back to the housing sales inventory and create new seamless opportunities for real estate agents.

On another account, the Realtor quickly recognizes the opportunity and closes the deal for a tear-down house on a large lot in Alexandria, where the millennial Buyer plans to build a new custom home. The process requires detailed plans from the Architect, who designs the house, prepares the permit plans including the engineering drawings and facilitates the building permit, and other coordination. Architect understood the family program and provided the drawings, to include an expanded footprint that does not exceed the allowable land disturbance area. Being aware of the site and what triggers the grading plans was important to this project as it saves client time and money.

Many Realtors would often refer to the Architect as their extended arms, who’s work makes possible the many good ideas that a real property awaits. Realtors are a steady source of information for homes and lands entering the development world. Knowing the market and construction industry, this essential symbiotic relationship between the Architect and Realtor has proved essential in producing win-win outcomes.


Wendy Levenson Dean, Esq.

Cherry Blossom Property, LLC

Principal Broker - DC, MD; Managing Broker - VA

Keller Williams Realty Metro Center

Direct Phone: 202-384-2427

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