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  • Anila Angjeli

Visiting Denver

Visiting a new city is always exciting. Denver is a great city with fantastic warm spring weather, low humidity, enjoyable, a friendly city with beautiful mountainous backdrop. We took a hike near Boulder and tasted beer from a local brewery. I took trips to art museums and other landmarks.

Boulder Hike

Denver Public Library - Michael Graves Architect

Downtown Denver is rich on public art that is larger than life. Last year marked the 30th anniversary of Denver Public Art, a program which sets aside 1% of every municipal capital improvement project over $1M for the creation of public art. The program was established to expand the opportunities for Denver residents to experience art in public places, thereby creating more visually pleasing and human environments. Read more

I was delighted bumping into the 41 feet tall Big Blue Bear, peering through the large glass wall of the Denver Convention Center. What are your experiences with public art? How can we integrate more art in our every day life?

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