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  • Anila Angjeli

Architect - Signs the dreams

It was a great honor to participate in the Carl Sandburg Middle School Career Carnival last week. The event was well organized and I enjoyed interacting with the students. Few knew Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry or Gaudi but most were genuinely curious about the architecture and the art of building. Students came prepared with good questions, such as what does a typical Architect's day look like, or how much money does an Architect make?

The best part was the drawing exercise we did about their dream house. Each student would sketch their ideal home, trying to convey the qualities, features and the home program through visual presentation. Some envisioned a tree house or solar panels on the roof. One girl explained wanting to have a very small footprint home on wheels that she can take around and place it on different sceneries, with green forests or blue seasides, chasing sunsets and sunrises. Other students proudly signed their drawings.

Encouraging them to continue developing their dreams and skills, I also assured them that they would be signing a lot of drawings...signing their dreams that soon would become a reality.

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