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  • Anila Angjeli

The Paint Job

Projects with tight budgets don’t have to look bland. Embracing what is there on existing building renovations can often produce delightful experiences without breaking the bank. This could be challenging to architects and designers but it could also present an opportunity for solving a real design problem using some creativity. Thinking and seeing the spaces from a different angle can help make the maximum out of the paint job.

Our recent example is this existing block stairwell. We find it interesting enough for its texture and the retro feel but the existing state reminisces an overused 1960s look. We wanted these walls to display something fresh and unique. While the stair guardrail presented an expensive major upgrade for safety and code compliance, the minimalist paint application on the walls boosted the visual presentation of the stairwell without going over budget. This simple idea elevated the stairwell by creating interest, good energy and a sense of upward movement without adding noise and clutter.

A paint job can produce delightful results if applied thoughtfully. Many building materials can be complemented by the right paint color, texture, sheen or pattern. The paint work can serve as a backdrop for other architectural elements to pop and be easily read or found. Paint jobs can also be designed to facilitate way finding in large buildings by color coding the spaces and circulation paths, contributing to an interactive and friendly environment.

In addition to the shape, design and application, knowing that there is such a wide fan of color choices, is truly wonderful and...almost a stress a reliever:)

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