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  • Anila Angjeli

Having a Vision

Having a vision is the key driver in pursuing your dreams and goals. As property or business owners, and personally as architects, we must always start with the conception of a vision for the projects we create. This vision entails preparing a program, drawing plans and properly executing to the finished product. The vision is like the embryo, the conceiving point of something new. It serves as the guiding light, as a compass focused on the goals; business plans, scientific discoveries, sustainable built-environments or artistic expressions.

When creating the concepts for a built space, we have to come up with a vision and understand about its program, functionality, and aesthetics. How does it work, how does it flow, look and feel? What is this space representing? How can the design help improve the safety and wellbeing of its users? How can the design represent the business and its branding?

Having and cultivating this vision can also help on what should be next in design, what are the details and processes. Each achieved design milestone and visualization of the mental images, in turn, facilitates the refinement of this vision until it becomes a reality.

What is your next project and how can we assist you in creating a vision for your new space, building, house or land development?

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