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  • Anila Angjeli

The Fear of Blank Paper

The blank paper is intimidating, so is the white canvas. Whether you put down words, lines or colors, the brain uses it's systems and orders the hand to lay out the visions. These systems are analytical and artistic, functional and poetic, striving for balance and harmony. The entire piece consists of many smaller pieces that relate to each other like a good neighbor or overlay one another like the rain, the sun and the colorful rainbow.

Experienced writers know to get something down on paper immediately. They start typing anything to prime their minds, and then the wordplay begins . . . adding . . . deleting . . . altering tone and style as they go. And so it is for the artist. A blank canvas awaits for someone who loves this form of expression to create something from nothing. The blank canvas is an invitation to unite lines, colors, and attitude—each in delightful conversation with one another—like words telling a story.

Never be afraid of the blank canvas. It is yours to experience and express. Begin with a general idea of what you want to draw. Trust that the rest will fall into place as you go. You have complete freedom to find all the pieces of the puzzle.

Colorful Butterfly
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