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1st Annual Gala - HMSTC Fundraiser

ALine's Nature's Squares

This collection of 41 pieces captures bright moments of nature, through experimentation of expressive architectural styles - various colors, shapes, and textures.

Our home neighborhood of Hollin Hills and Hollin Meadows is alive with vibrant and mature landscapes and unique homes. It felt very fitting to dedicate this Nature Squares collection to Hollin Meadows Swim and Tennis Club (HMSTC), as is it nestled in the middle of a resource protection area (RPA).

HMSTC hosted their first Annual Gala fundraiser to support the new pool, bathhouse, and tennis court construction. ALine Architects were excited to exhibit the collection for sale via silent auction online and at the Gala live event. More than half of the collection was sold at the Gala.

We love our pool! ALine Architecture is proud to donate proceeds from the sales of Nature Squares to the “The Next 50 years Pool” and continue to support Community Art Projects.

We will continue to create artwork, let us know if you would like to purchase for a good cause. email Thank you for your support!

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