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Private Beach Residence
Longport, NJ

The existing private beach villa will have a covered terrace addition and reconfiguration of the exterior walls, with large window and door openings to connect with the terrace, new stair tower addition, a new coastal standing seam metal roof system, and a synthetic exterior stucco system.  The main entrance is designed with a composite wood-looking rain screen, providing a warm and inviting focal point.  The upper floor exterior walls are re-skinned with Hardie smooth panel siding system and solar shading devices. 


The composite wood decking on the new terrace offers a softer-to-eye color tone that reduces glare and creates a more furnished look for this beautifully positioned ocean-front outdoor space.  The maintenance-free stainless steel cable railing is elegant, corrosion-resistant, and offers virtually uninterrupted views.  The renovation overall consists of the protected outdoor addition and modernization of the exterior by integrating the new materials and streamlining the looks and maintenance for the Owner's continued enjoyment of the property. 

Area: 8,000 SF

Type: Residential Renovation

Architect: ALine Architecture LLC


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