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Kismet Modern Indian Restaurant

111 N Pitt St., Alexandria, VA


Kismet Modern Indian is the second restaurant for the same business client, after Karma Modern Indian Restaurant, DC, known for its fresh and unexpected ingredient combinations, forward-thinking flavor profiles, and time-honored cooking techniques, elevating Indian cuisine. Kismet will offer similar elevated experiences to the Alexandria Old Town Community. Kismet Restaurant offers indoor and outdoor exemplary dining experiences with artfully designed plates and drinks.  

This project consists of a new tenant build-out for Kismet Modern Indian Restaurant, including modifications to existing space, new bar, new lighting, kitchen equipment, and modern decor.  ALine Architecture worked with the client designing the space, lighting, and preparing the permit plans, BAR, signage, permit applications, and construction administration of the project. 


ALine's design of the bar, wine storage, biophilic sense, Candle Wall, Casablanca tiles, and suspended luminaires brings to life the international experiences, playful atmosphere, warmth, and comfort that make this place a memorable destination.


Area: 4,000 SF

Type: Commercial Interiors - Restaurant / Bar

Completed: 2021

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