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Private Residence
Alexandria, VA


Private residence 1 story addition requiring structural work to open up the addition to the existing home.  Interior renovation scope included reconfiguration and expansion of the kitchen and remodeling of the entire first floor.  The addition features a tall sloped ceiling, large windows, additional HVAC mini-split, new flooring throughout, built-in seating area, new LED lighting, and controls.  Exterior improvements include landscaping, new deck, new siding to match existing and roofing.


ALine assisted the owner with permit drawings and contractor selection.  This addition is a testimony of great planning, hard work, and careful design. Materials and colors were selected as a goal to connect with nature, whose display created a concert of delightful spaces. The completion of this project brought to life the owner's dream of an open plan, additional space, daylighting, and garden views.


Area: 1,200 SF

Type: Residential

Completed: 2019

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