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Hank's Oyster Bar - Old Town

600 Montgomery St, Alexandria, VA


Among many recent developments in the north part of Old Town Alexandria, the existing Hank's Pasta Bar expanded its size and services by adding a full 2nd-floor dining, a new commercial kitchen, and 3rd level - Roof Deck Bar with steel Pergola, and a retractable roof system. ALine Architecture provided the designs and construction drawings for the required addition, foundation design, new roof structure, elevator, and other accessibility improvements. ALine assisted the client with the Special Use Permit drawings and hearing process approval of the additional seating. Being in the Historic District of Old Town, Alexandria, ALine Architecture prepared drawings and applications for the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) for the exterior addition of the roof deck and pergola.

The restaurant was rebranded as Hank's Oyster Bar in Spring 2022. ALine assisted the client with the new 2nd-floor plan commercial kitchen and dining room. During the entire process, ALine provided design services and facilitated the City department's reviews and coordination with the construction team providing construction administration services.  The nautical theme, bold design elements using cedarwood, steel, leathered finish granite, glass LED edge-lit railing, stainless weather-resistant equipment, heater, dimmable lighting, and fixtures, offer a timeless comfort, crisp or sunny space with great views.


Area: 8,000 SF

Type: Commercial Addition, Restaurant, Roof Deck, Tenant Build-Out

Completed: 2021 - 2022

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