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Del Ray Home - Major Addition & Renovation
Alexandria, VA

This renovation and addition project in Del Ray, Alexandria is a perfect example of how homes evolve to fit the owner's needs. As an example of this trend, one family had simply outgrown their existing home—a quaint, albeit small, Bungalow—and needed to add more space to accommodate additional bedrooms and enlarge the small kitchen. ALine Architecture worked with the builder and the owners to design a major addition and prepare the permit and construction documents.

Working with the City of Alexandria’s building height limitations and green area ratio requirements, ALine Architecture designed an addition that provided the family with a much larger kitchen, additional bedrooms for kids and guests, and a large Master Suite, complete with a spacious bedroom, private master bath, and multiple walk-in closets. By working with ALine Architecture, the owners accomplished the space they needed to stay in their much-loved family home.


Area: 2,500 SF

Type: Residential

Construction: Zelaya Properties, LLC

Completed: 2015

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