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Bolling Dr. Residence
Alexandria, (Fairfax County), VA

The old house consisted of a small one-level home with an attic room and a once-converted one-car garage, as extra space added out of necessity, without natural light in the kitchen, and some other oddities. However, the house did not matter much, given the location and potential equity that had to be unlocked once the house was smartly rebuilt, renovated, and expanded to measure up to the surrounding homes.

The new house reused existing capable foundations, added on the side, up on the second floor, and an attic bonus room with a bathroom. The second-floor plan includes three sizable bedrooms, artfully done tiled bathrooms, a large master suite with a balcony and large walk-in closet, a home office, and a spa-like master bath with a supersize shower, floating vanities, privacy walled toiled and black accent hardware.

Linen white walls and ample large windows provide the house with natural daylight and views. The entry porch, rear stone patio, and two balconies intimately connect the outdoors with the home. Tall ceilings, spacious, open stairs, and custom built-ins expand the home's capacity for modern living and enjoyment.

Area: 4,700 SF

Type: Residential / New Construction

Architect: ALine Architecture LLC

Builder & Interiors: Zelaya Properties LLC

Completed: 2023

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