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Arcay Chocolates, Georgetown
Washington, DC

Arcay Chocolates is a family-owned chocolate business in Washington D.C., with nearly two decades of experience offering an exquisite selection of colorful chocolate bonbons filled with exotic flavors. As Arcay Chocolates expanded to a new location, we are grateful for this sweet collaboration, assisting the client with the planning, design, technical coordination, permit drawings, and project administrations. 

The first floor includes the retail area, the lower level includes the chocolate production and tempering machines, and the second floor provides a gallery space for workshops and events.

The space was modest, and the program was ambitious, requiring tight coordination of the chocolate machines' specifications and design. Talented owner, Anabella Arcay, poured her talent into the colorful tropical plants mural. The bright and inviting color palette, infuses the selected materials, wood, glass, and white quartz countertops, bringing out the "feel good" state of being to anyone who steps in the shop to experience the art of chocolate.

Area: 2,000 SF

Type: Commercial

Architect: ALine Architecture LLC

Completed: 2023

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