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Aesthetics Studio & Senses

South Arlington, VA


Aesthetics Studio & Senses is a sequel to Aesthetics Salon whose heartbeat pulses for an ecosystem of beauty for like-minded individuals striving to recalibrate and stimulate their minds, energizing their spirits inside-out. The sensory and confidence-building are embedded in this tenant space design and services from hair to toe. With a focus on rejuvenation, the flesh, light-peach skin colors, linen textural walls,  stained concrete, gold accents, wicker wood touches, and dimmed lighting play together in concert.

The tenant space is located in a mixed-use development within a live-work community in the South Arlington Ridge area. ALine Architecture facilitated the space plan, permit drawings, engineering, and technical coordination between the plans, field conditions, building owner, tenant, and Construction teams. A beautiful collaboration and hard work create a multi-sensory design experience!


Area: 1,200 SF

Type: Commercial Tenant Build-Out

Completed: 2022

Aesthetics Studio & Senses by Aesthetics Salon

Architect: ALine Architecture LLC

Interior Designer:  Parlour House Design

Photography: Antwon Maxwell

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